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Consulting in international project, program and line management
Industrialization in China, Cooperation with Chinese Companies in D/A/CH

When planning an industrialization in China (independently, or via a joint venture) or a cooperation (industrialization or financial participation) with Chinese companies in the D/A/CH region, those joint projects aim to sufficiently consider your own interests, and to successfully reconcile common interests. Here, I advise and support you with more than ten years of experience with and in China, including as long-standing President & CEO of a German-Chinese automotive OEM joint venture in China.

Industrialization in China

If you are planning to enter the Chinese market or to expand there, you not only need relevant industry and market knowledge as well as country-specific cultural skills, but also the readyness to communicate with partners who argue and negotiate based on an own agenda (that is partially not disclosed) and on an own understanding of values and business. I offer to advise and support you with this, also in order to successfully take typical hurdles in dealing with Chinese culture and working methods.

Cooperation with Chinese companies in D/A/CH

Whether you are negotiating or collaborating with Chinese companies in the D/A/CH region, or planning the entry of a Chinese investor, you have to balance the opportunities, e.g. access to the Chinese market and resources, increasing financial strength, securing growth - against the risks, e.g. loss or diluting of know-how, technologies, intellectual property rights, brand value or entrepreneurial influence. Deal with the communication, negotiation and decision-making process also from a Chinese perspective, and use it for own benefits. For this I develop with you goal-oriented approaches and concepts, and support you with the implementation. 

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